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New Photo Editing Tools Added to EvolvingPhoto

Work has been carried out to add a host of new photo editing tools to the photo editor of EvolvingPhoto. Two new palettes have been added to the photo editing tool. The first is Colour Effects which provides a ranges of very quick and easy to apply effects that modify the colours of a photograph. such as greyscale, brightness and blur.

The Colour Effects palette

The tools available to apply various colour effects

The second new tool palette is the Tilt Shift tool which makes it extremely quick and simple to apply a great tilt shift effect. The tilt shift effect is to give the impression that a real-life scene is actually a miniature model. This is achieved by increasing the colour saturation levels and then blurring the top and bottom of the photo.

The Tilt Shift Palette

The palette which provides the tilt shift effect

The original photo

The original photo

The result of applying the tiltshift effect to the original image

The result of applying the tiltshift effect to the original image

These effects have been made possible by using the image filters available at


EvolvingPhoto is a cross-platform photo management application. The main goal of the application was to have an attractive and easy-to-use user interface. Unlike many other photo management applications, EvolvingPhoto doesn’t impose a mandatory file structure or naming convention of your photos, you simply point towards the top-level folder(s) containing your photos and the software finds the photos itself.

The EvolvingPhoto folder browser

The folder browser view of EvolvingPhoto offers quick and simple browsing of your photos

Once you’ve used the folder browser to find your photos there are options to add user-defined tags to them to make finding them later easier.

The EvolvingPhoto batch tagging view

The folder browser makes it easy to select a batch of photos and tag them all at the same time

Once photos have been tagged, the search view can be used to quickly search for photos by selecting tags from a list.

EvolvingPhoto tag search view

The tag searching view of EvolvingPhoto offers quick yet powerful search tools

Photos can be selected for editing within the application. At the moment only basic editing tools have been implemented such as crop and rotate. In the near future many new tools will be added to offer much more advanced functionality such as filters, red-eye removal, touch-ups, etc.

EvolvingPhoto photo editor

The EvolvingPhoto photo editing view

Once you’ve tagged and edited your photos you’ll want to view them and for this EvolvingPhoto includes a slideshow mode, which can be run full screen or in a window.

EvolvingPhoto slideshow tool

The EvolvingPhoto slideshow tool


Tube Site Downloader

Application screenshot

The main application window showing a video being downloaded

Tube Site Downloader is a front-end to the Linux application youtube-dl. It allows the user to enter a URL and download the video from that site.

The software is my first attempt at writing an application using Ubuntu’s application development framework, called Quickly. The application is written in Python and GTK. Tube Site Downloader offers Ubuntu integration by making use of the launcher icon to display the current download progress.

Launcher icon

The Tube Site Downloader icon showing integration with the Ubuntu Launcher with a download count and progress bar

The main functionality of the software is complete, the outstanding tasks are to tidy up the help and configuration features. Once that’s done I’ll be submitting it to the Ubuntu Software Centre and adding a download link on this site.

Current Applications in Development

I’m currently working on two applications. The first is a photo management application, evolvingPhoto,¬†written in Java, that makes use of my custom GUI library. The second app, Tube Site Downloader, is a front-end for the Linux application youtube-dl. This makes it simple to download videos from tube sites (e.g. YouTube). Tube Site Downloader is written in Python and GTK using the Quickly, Ubuntu’s application development framework. The plan is to have the first releases of both applications available for download in the next few weeks.